Exclusive Christmas offers in 2022

Give Sound of Silence to love once.

Whether it's for a christmas, anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion, there's no better gift than Health.

The EsionX gift cards can be used to buy any product to support Health on www.esionx.com so you can be sure your loved ones, friends, or business partners will choose what they like.

The EsionX gift card will be sent to you by email or WhatsApp in PDF immediately after the purchase. You can print it and present it personally to the lucky recipient or transfer it by email.

Choose the amount for the gift card.

Our Christmas Offers


Exclusive Christmas offer in 2022 for 222 euros!


Exclusive offer until the end of 2022 for 50 euros!

Food wall Size 40 cm x 40cm

We are super exited for EsionX! This is an awesome opportunity to further establish the whole drive to reduce harmful noise.

Also very proud for all the good we brought to the world. And very excited to do even more for the upcoming year 2023!

Support us on instagram: esionx_world in a successful conclusion.

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