Noise Reduction Green Wall in Nice, Mont Boron

EsionX Noise Reducing Green Walls increase access to a better lifestyle, improve the quality of the environment, and increase people's satisfaction and well-being.

By supporting the environment through:
Healthy city: we've used the latest technology to reduce noise so that the environment in which we live becomes calmer and reduces stress.

  • Green City: Establishing and maintaining healthy environments: toward a social ecology of health promotion. In cities, greenery protects us by absorbing pollution and cutting down on the heat island effect. Contact with nature also eases our stress, perhaps because it offers us calming scenery like trees and brooks as well as an oasis from our daily worries and noise nuisance.
  • Natural Greenery EsionX™: The visual surface is covered with our natural greenery. Plants are adapted to their arid environment in which our Earth Walls will be installed. Plants are also adapted to grow on other plants and to obtain moisture from the air or plants adapted to a very dry environment.
  • Water Saving: Protecting water resources by using artificial grass.
  • Safety: Safest walls, at EsionX ®, we always put your security first. The lack of sharp edges of systems is particularly important in cities where barriers are mounted along pedestrian and cyclist paths.
  • Luxury Silent retreat: The quietest Noise Reducing Green Wall ® ever made. It creates a wonderful environment that attracts every person in a luxurious environment.

We are super exited for EsionX! This is an awesome opportunity to further establish the whole drive to reduce harmful noise.

We are very excited about EsionX! Support us on instagram: esionx_world in a successful conclusion.

Our best supporters sharing our project will get for free - noise reduction pillow!

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